Finnish Perspective

I thought it would be a good idea to bring some history to the self defined liberal and progressives who occasionally come to this here site concerning this country and it’s esteemed past. For what it’s worth here goes.

The founding fathers were smugglers and pirates and worse. And even Benjamin Franklin called the Tea Party and act of piracy.

By 1705 the tide was already turning against slavery in Great Briton. With the following judgments in British courts.

In Smith v. Gould(1705–07) 2 Salk 666, Holt CJ stated that by

“the common law no man can have a property in another.”

Lord Henley LC said in Shanley v. Harvey (1763) 2 Eden 126, 127 that as

“soon as a man sets foot on English ground he is free.”

And abolished entirely by 1837 by act of parliament. So if we had remained part of GB, slavery…

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