Finnish Perspective

I read a diary a bit ago where the author was waxing nostalgic over what they missed about the 1950s and 1960s post WWII era. The supposed benefits of the cold war etc.  Mostly the economic advantages those of us white middle class had.

I too miss some things about the era I grew up in. I shall list a few of them here.

I miss climbing trees and wondering about without having to think about where I was wondering much. Fences at that time were mostly for keeping farm animals in and other animals out. There were no gated communities and you rarely saw a No Trespassing Sign.  Those were usually on some official building or some such.

Science and radio were big deals.  Watch Mister Wizard and Discovery were cool programs.  Both explained and demonstrated things that even a 1o year old could understand.  And there were great…

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