Finnish Perspective

We have seen it time and again. A small group of people in congress spewing out the most outrageous garbage and crap.  Dog whistling about small government and states rights and religious freedom and what not.  The same fine folks who began spewing out about the countries lack of morals and permissiveness. Law and order and patriotism.  Respect for authority.

The very same people who see no harm in beating their kids or wives. And as Frank Schaeffer says in this essay from Alternet, a group of angry, scared white males – mostly from the south – who see their world dissolving in front of them.

I’m not talking about the white young male mass murderers we’re afflicted with carrying assault rifles courtesy of the NRA. I’m talking about the white far-right males who hijacked the 112th Congress and are set to destroy the 113th. They have metaphorically done…

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