Who watches the watchers?


When Julian Assange and Wikileaks first hit the news, many people were pleased to see the whistles being blown, but I worried that such an agency might also be a threat to the innocent. I wrote Whistleblowing vs Privacy?, comparing Wikileaks to the OBIT device from an old episode of the Outer Limits, which ticked off a lot of Assange fans:

These old scifi writers were more worried about the effects of a loss of privacy for citizens than the boons of what we might find out with the technology. …

Wikileaks … are far less pervasive, and only act when outrage, what Assange calls Courage, trumps self-interest to become the determining filter for revealing secret information. Wikileaks is like a gossip rag that relies on volunteer paparazzi, but these are paparazzi with potentially a lot to lose. So far they have leaked about governments and businesses, the traditional…

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