I shoulda stood in bed …


The end of 2012 wasn’t an apocalypse for all of us, but many lives ended in firearm tragedies. Besides the spate of suicides, murders, stickups, drug wars and family disputes, there were mass shootings: Five adults were killed at a Norcross GA health spa, three students were killed and three wounded at Chardon HS in Ohio, seven adults were killed at Oikos University in Oakland CA and six adults at or near a Seattle cafe. But these mass shootings barely registered in the news cycle, and were quickly forgotten in other areas of the country. We’ve become almost as accustomed to firearm violence as we are to auto accidents, and in many US states the number of fatalities from each are about the same. Few drivers would actually be willing to give up owning cars for a little more safety overall, and shooters feel the same way about firearms. Most…

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