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Yesterday a parent of two small children wrote The Dish about getting the guns in the right hands and out of the wrong hands:

… all my previous beliefs have been upended.  Allowing such easy access to these military-style weapons is madness–how could I have not seen it before? …

Having responsible, armed citizens isn’t an inherently bad idea. There are police officers in every school in New York City, and guess what?  No mass shootings there. Trick is to make sure the right people have them and the wrong ones don’t.  Also, if this debate stops and starts with guns, that will be its own tragedy.  Mental illness and the depravity of our popular culture … must also be addressed.

OK, I thought, but who makes that distinction? Because not too long ago in the US, the right hands were generally white and the wrong hands were generally black…

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  1. cmaukonen

    Good question Donal. Point of info first off. The mother was a “Prepper”

    Those who are convinced that society, culture and the economy is going to go to “Hell in a hand basket”™.

    To assault weapons are offensive in nature. So unless you are a paid assassin or “mechanic” , there is no reason to own one. You may hit the bad guy but are more likely to take out other good guys in the process. Even the Gestapo used mainly lugers for personal use. I read today that for protection a good pistil and the ability to use it are a better choice. Or a shotty with number 2 buck. That is
    more likely to stop someone without doing additional damage to other people/things.

    And that brings up training. Not on just the mechanics of using one, but also the how and when.

    To me this whole thing is like some Hollywood “Wild West”/ John Wayne fantasy fixation that Americans have. And none of these people have the slightest clue what the reality of being in a life or death situation means.

    They need to talk to a Vet. Not the current ones who are outfitted like Robo Cop,
    but a Vietnam or Korean Vet and they may be able to tell you what it’s actually like.

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