John Michael Greer is a student of history, and from reading his short stories and articles I’ve coined a new saying, “Any doomer that doesn’t learn from history will be condemned to live through Greer’s blend of climate change, energy depletion and comparative history.”

Greer is sort of the angel Clarence of the energy depletion cum climate change community, but instead of showing us how bad it would be if we hadn’t been born, he seems intent on showing us how bad it is likely to get if we don’t take steps now to prepare. (I nominate Lloyd Blankfein as Mr Potter, and Hank Paulson as the uncle that loses track of all the deposits.)

In Greer’s five-part online novella about the dissolution of the United States, How It Could Happen, the Chinese are supporting an African nation that the US is trying to spank. Inscrutably the Chinese manage…

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