A Trip Through Thanksgiving

A Trip Through Thanksgiving

Bought the turkey
Got it thawing
Found the roaster
After hours of pawing
Through the cupboards
Looking for
All the dishes
From the year before.
Great big platters
And serving bowls
Gravy boats
And that thing with holes
That holds the deviled eggs quite still
So they don’t take an unfortunate spill.

Toasted loaves
And loaves of bread.
Diced the onions.
Oh how I dread
Those pungent things
That make me cry.
But the stuffing,
Without them,
Would be a lie.
Celery and sage
Just isn’t enough
Not when there’s a twenty-pound
Bird to stuff.

On to the baked goods.
What have we got?
Two pumpkin pies
That’s not a lot
Considering the crowd
That’s gonna eat ’em
Always a favorite,
Though nobody needs ’em.
That never stopped us ever before.
Maybe I’d better make one more
How about a pecan pie this time?
An apple crisp would be divine.
I’ll make some jello
Orange and blue
With fruit for me
And plain for you.

Cranberries!  Cranberries!
I almost forgot
That can of jelled goo
That will sit there and rot.
Nobody eats it
I wonder why not?
Why not cranberry juice!
Most folk’s will drink it
Break the tradition?
Oh!  Don’t even think it!
Too late, too late
The thought’s set free.
Juice it is
Mixed with cider maybe.

The linen’s been ironed
The crystal’s washed clear
The plates and the cups
Will all match this year.
There’s plenty of forks
And knives and spoons
And other utensils
To be used at noon.
Or one, or two,
Or even three.
The time doesn’t matter
At least not to me.
As long as we’re together
And having some fun
Who cares if and when
The turkey gets done?

The dips and the dunks
Have all been prepared.
The veggies all cleaned
Not a carrot was spared.
There’s chunks of sausage
And chunks of cheese
And cute lil crackers
As crisp as you please.
No one will go hungry
At our house today
If they do it’s their own fault
What more can I say?
Except for to wish
That love, hope, and peace
Will live in your heart
And never will cease.
It’s not what you eat,
It’s not even if you pray.
It’s the harvest of love
On Giving Thanks Day.

I found this hiding in my files the other day. I wrote it years ago and posted it in a private forum that I have been a member of for more than a dozen years. It needed a little dusting off and a tweak here and there but I thought it was a fun way to say “Happy Thanksgiving!”

One thought on “A Trip Through Thanksgiving

  1. Oooohhh my DEAR Flower….

    It’s not even if you pray.
    It’s the harvest of love
    On Giving Thanks Day.

    Nam Myoho Renge Kyo

    It’s not that I have an excuse,BUT Pleaze add vodka to my cranberry juice!!!!

    Happy Season!


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