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Finnish Perspective

Empire has been the mainstay and primary support of the bourgeoisie. Empire built these people and empire has supported them since the eradication of feudalism and institution of capitalism. The merchants and factory owners. Businessman and clerics.  Doctors and lawyers and management and stock brokers and investors and University and College deans and even more than a few professors. Especially those who are tenured.

With the fall of feudalism in the 19th century, mass subjugation of the local populace was replaced by subjugation of people in less developed areas of the world. England and France and Germany and The Netherlands and Spain and America all involved in imperialistic endeavors through out the world, one way or another.  The Kings and Queens and presidents and prime ministers and all were the ones who drove the empires and the bankers and financiers help to fund, the bourgeoisie made out like bandits. Always…

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