The Mandate Myth

A few days ago I read a short blog about the votes here in Michigan; how the Democrats actually had, statewide, more votes cast for their candidates than the Republicans had cast for theirs and yet the Republicans are once again in control of both state houses.

Howzat? Huh?

This was due to recent redistricting bullshit. The Republicans carved up the districts to give the voting advantage to themselves.

It’s good to be king.

I wondered if other newly redistricted states had experienced the same results.

They did.

So now, Boehner is saying he has a mandate to not raise taxes because of the majority of Republicans being elected to the House.

But, but, but, more Democrats voted for the Dem candidates that embace raising taxes on the wealthiest among us. But, but, but, more Republicans won seats in the House so the American people don’t want taxes raised. But, but, but…god, I’m confused. (not really)

The so called mandate is a myth. It just doesn’t exist. The closest thing that Boehner has to it is wishful thinking. He wishes he had a mandate.

I wish he’d stop with the smoke and mirrors and actually lead his House In Disarray and gather (strong arm) the votes together to compromise on this issue.

I wonder if he realizes that the actual majority of the “American people” he’s so fond of speaking on behalf of would actually appreciate his trangression?


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One thought on “The Mandate Myth

  1. cmaukonen

    To me a mandate would imply that a vast majority of people voted for some one over another based on what that person has said they supported. Thus far I see no one who would fit that description.

    Well except those who supported grass maybe.

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