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I was in group therapy for quite a few years. Not some nicey  happy joy joy mind you, this was a therapy based on unvarnished, in your face harsh reality. It had to be.  For this particular center dealt with late stage substance abuse, alcoholism and eating disorders.  They ripped the rose colored glasses off of your face, through them on the floor and proceeded to stomp them in to bits.  And if you continued to come in with an new pair, you had the same thing done.

This is a post on a review done in David Masciotra in Truth Out that is in exactly the same vain. A review of the book or rather three books written by historian Morris Berman – The Twilight of American Culture, Dark Ages America and now finally Why America Failed.  David does not pull any punches in this review, in…

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  1. I disagree with the Fourth point: ” 4. Spiritual death, what Berman calls the “emptying out of cultural content and the freezing of it in formulas, kitsch” – check.”

    It may not be a force in current politics but there are good changes in our society. While there are huge sectors that burn bonfires of nostalgia for a time that won’t come back anytime soon, there are many people who are glad to live in a time where race, nation, and creed are not the last word they used to be.
    My child is growing up in world of problems that frighten me and disincline me to assure him that everything will just be great. But he is growing up without the barriers and red lines of identity that shaped my youth. Many of his contemporaries are also free of that inheritance of prejudice.
    It is beautiful to behold and gives me hope of the future.

    1. cmaukonen

      I agree that there are small enclaves of enlightenment scattered around and Berman even acknowledges this as well in the question and answer session in his talk.

      To me though, any expectation of some radical or even marginal change in the status quo by either some uprising or movement is a fools errand. As he says, the average American really does want their Mercedes Benz and that is their main motivation.

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