Finnish Perspective

In particular Manhattan Island.

I lived in Florida on the Southwest coast in Naples from 1964 to 1970 and in Central Florida from 1973 until 2011 and had been through too many hurricanes to count in that time. The first being Hurricane Cleo.  I have to say I have been fascinated with these occurrences of nature  since then. Tracking them by hand and listening to Dr. Neil Frank from the Hurricane Center in Miami as he explained what was going on and why. Even becoming pretty fair at predicting the possible tracks of more than a few of them.

I saw the effects of these storms up close. We moved to Naples after Hurricane Donna had gone up the coast. Saw the remnants of the original Naples Pier – nothing but pilings poking up out of the gulf. And the slabs of houses that got washed away.   Had a…

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  1. Brooklyn is in a strange state.
    Most can’t go to work because the subways are all flooded.
    Broken trees smash this car or house or person but the one next to it is okay.
    More than 80 houses burned down out at Breezy Point. The power outages have hit a lot of people but not as much as people out on the “island”
    And we got off easy. If the hurricane had lingered longer and come to shore 50 miles north of where it did…..

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