Finnish Perspective

It’s in the very fabric of the American myth and culture. It has permeated it from the beginning. Our art and entertainment. From the early novels to the show girls. This fantasy land vision that that anyone can make it here.

It has drawn people from cultures far and near.  People who left their countries behind to see a fresh start. All believing that they could make a much better life over here. Reflected in film and radio and television and on the stage.

With heroes and heroins too numerous to name.  Played by John Wayne and Randolf Scott and Irene Dunn and James Stewart and Ginger Rogers and Linda Darnell. The beautiful people and the flappers of the 1920s.  That all it takes is hard work and imagination and you too can live the Horatio Algerstory.   All the heroes wore white hats and were white christian protestant…

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