I’m off to Oleana, I’m turning from my doorway,
No chains for me, I’ll say good-by to slavery in Norway.
Ole—Ole—Ole—oh! Oleana!
Ole—Ole—Ole—oh! Oleana!


They give you land for nothing in jolly Oleana,
And grain comes leaping from the ground in floods of golden manna. …

What we call Norway was jointly ruled with Denmark, Sweden or both from the 14th century until 1905. In the 19th century, virtuoso violinist Ole Bull tried to found New Norway, a utopian colony for fellow Norwegian emigrants. He bought a great deal of heavily-wooded land in Northern Pennsylvania near Coudersport, though not as much as he thought. He named one of four new towns, Oleana, or Oleanna, after his mother. Bull soon found that he had been cheated in the land deal, and after only a year, sold his remaining interests and returned to performing. Most of the 150…

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