Coincidentally, two of the sites where I used to contribute have Meta threads going today. Nothing draws comments and participation like a Meta thread.

At the Truth About Cars, in No Manners, No Comment: How To Get Banned At TTAC, editor Bertel Schmitt banned someone for being rude to a contributor. Long time users invoked TTAC founder Robert Farago, who was born snarky, but Bertel said that was then and this is now. Naturally people popped up to say:

“Hey, posting on the internet requires a thick skin.”

“Hey, I’ve seen other stuff that was worse.”

No one was banned at dagblog, but in Skin, co-honcho Genghis also complained about bad manners towards a contributor, with similar responses.

Once again I quote this old Barry Eisler post about, How To Argue:

I have a feeling most people who suck at argument believe they’re actually good at it…

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