This is really interesting about sugar and how it is produced. Enjoy this guest blog

Anita's Real Food
White, granulated sugar is exactly what it is advertised to be—a pure, white source of quick energy.  It lacks vitamins, fats, minerals, proteins or any other nutrient except calories and carbohydrates.  It gives quick energy because eating it stimulates the pancreas and adrenal glands into over-production of insulin.  The insulin rushes in to control the sugar, then blood sugar plummets and you are left more tired than you were before.

Sugar is most commonly made from beets or sugar cane.  To make cane sugar the beautiful white granular product we are so familiar with, the canes are crushed, shredded, and pressed through heavy rollers to extract the cane juice.  The remaining cane fiber is used to make paper or wallboard.

Cane juice is clarified and concentrated by boiling it into a thick syrup.  It is then poured into a basket that spins, creating a force that crystalizes some of…

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