Healthy and good for you as a side dish to any meal.

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Making your own salad dressing is not that hard and it is less expensive. I keep a jar in the refrigerator with oil and vinegar already mixed. I run it through a blender and it takes weeks to separate again. By that time I have used it all up. I use it as the base for dressing salads. On cucumbers, you only need a couple of tablespoons with a few shakes of garlic salt, salt and pepper to finish off the salad. Add some Italian herbs, crushed garlic, and finely minced onion then whisk for Italian dressing. Very easy to do

The English pea salad I use 2 tablespoons of basic vinegar-oil blend as my base for the salad dressing. To make the dressing you start with a large cereal bowl and whisk. Now if you have a blender you can just put it all in there and blend…

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