This is for all of you that is watching your weight and want something healthy. This is a great site so be sure to look around.

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Definitely not the most photogenic dish.  Unless of course you’re Martha Stewart.  Even if you don’t intend to make this recipe I highly recommend clicking the link to see what it’s really supposed to look like.

Obviously it’s not cannelloni.  Apparently if you want your cannelloni to look like Martha’s then you need to find three 1-pound sweet potatoes and you’ll need to possess the knife skills that will enable you to cut two of them into 30 perfectly trimmed 2 x 4 slices.  Bahahahahaha!  Seriously, whose world could that possibly happen in?

The end of the story is something akin to lasagna and still edible.  The filling is pureed sweet potatoes with cottage cheese, diced apples, and some parmesan.

It’s topped with shaved parm and toasted walnuts.  And since it’s only 210 calories per serving it makes a reasonable side dish, or a nice vegetarian main for this dieter.

Doesn’t it look much…

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