This is a nice thoughtful essay on election signs. Please take time to read it.

susan sink

In 2000, I participated in a faculty exchange with a technical college instructor from the Netherlands. She visited me in Joliet, Illinois, and I’ll never forget her reaction to our political campaigning. Now this was Bush v. Gore and it was October when she arrived. Not only was every house on every block decked out with campaign signs from the local to national level, but a great many of the houses were also decked out for Halloween with all sorts of garish decorations, orange lights, fake spiderwebbery, etc.

I understood her reaction more clearly when I visited Holland in May. In her rural neighborhood on a section of reclaimed land (reclaimed from the sea through the use of dykes and pumps to keep the water out) the plots were square and even, the trees planted in neat rows, and every house looked the same. There were strict guidelines about construction and…

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