Ancient Tamil inscription at Thanjav

These words, when they are put together, either confuse the reader or send the reader down a strange path from which there is no redemption.

Legitimate Rape


Forcible Rape


(Green) Giant Mini Carrots

Super 8 (film)


Compassionate Conservative


 Touch Football

 Life Insurance (I mean isn’t it really death insurance? And how does one exactly insure against death or against life?)

 United States (Since when?)

 Living in the past? (I mean the past is over and there is only the present and if you are living you are in the present and….)

Abject Poverty (is there or was there ever inabject poverty?)

The Walking Dead (I mean you are either dead or walking? Right? Or else I suppose you are living in the past, see supra)

Dry Ice (Is there wet ice?)

Death Sentence? (I mean you need a noun and a verb and…)

Peggy Noonan? (I don’t know, I just hate Peggy Noonan)

Bald Faced Lies? (Are there hairy lies or unshaved lies or…?)

Father, Son & Holy Ghost (Make up your fucking mind El Papa!)

Moderate Republicans (I mean you either caucus with corporate cock suckers or you go ahead and …oh forget it!)

Comedian Jeff Foxworthy (He is not funny and he is not worthy and he sure the fuck aint Foxy!)

Inalienable Rights (Are there alienable rights? I don’t know. I mean the repubs are sure that aliens have no rights so I suppose that there must me non-alienable rights. This is all so confusing!)

Anchor Babies. (Enough said)

Cable News (The web has all the News and the stuff coming out of your TV is usually olds)

Todd Akin (Akin to what? I just hate the guy and I hate his pretend hair and I hate the fact that this 120 year old fuck still lives and breathes amongst us!)

Unfiltered Truth (First there is no truth as such, second there is nothing that is unfiltered and third, unless you have read the entire file you have no idea what the fuck you are talking about!)

Action News (I have never understood what the fuck this means. The end)

LBGT (I don’t know. Bisexual? I mean make up your fucking mind!)

The Confederate States of America (Okay, like the bisexual, I mean you are either in or out you stupid pricks! And that includes McConnell)

Misstatement (I mean, you lied or you were caught lying and you never misstated anything, I mean you lied or you did not lie.)

Racists ( Look, you do not like Black people or Muslim folks or Hispanics-Latinos or you do like them..What the fuck is this crap about ‘I am not racist’ but……)





  1. ~flowerchild~

    Yeah, and what’s up with ‘Breaking News’? Either it’s broke or it ain’t and if it is, why does it not just get thrown away? I mean, it’s not like it can be put back together with Elmer’s or anything.

  2. I think the Republicans are scared with all the angry lady parts right now. The internet has been on fire so far this week. Facebook were all the lady parts socialize is nothing but scoarched intertube. This is one of the worst campaigns in my life time. You should see the stage( throne) they have spent the last month building. It looks like Frank.Loyd Wright Mega church stage. Well I have my antenna up a extra 5 feet my popcorn bought and some NA beer in the frig. I plan to watch the local feed all next week. Don’t wish for a hurricane. I would like to keep my home.

    1. Yeah, I watched the weatherman put forth computer models for the path of this ‘tropical storm’.

      Puerto Rico looks like it is in for a tough week.

      I shall pray for you!

  3. cmaukonen

    Humm..Military intelligence ? Business ethics ? Religious freedom ? Weather forecast ? Educational television ? American democracy ? Free market ?

  4. Well, obviously, jumbo shrimp belongs on the list, but how about egregious error? Just being wrong isn’t enough? or common sense? Sure, grandma had it, but does that mean grandpa had common ignorance? … and what about actual facts?

    1. I already replied to you Mr. Smith and simply arranged my reply as a comment.

      Which reminds me…why does Word ignore the word ‘commenter’? I mean replier is a word?

      But…I just saw that arsehole Tom Friedman on Lawrence and I thought:

      What the hell is a considered pundit?

      Oh well…..

    1. Gee and I just bought some jumbo shrimp to make coconut shrimp. I got it on sale. The grocery was trying to lighten up on their frozen section before the storm hit. I was shopping tonight while you were all in chat. We cut the top out of the tree out front today so it don’t fall in the street. It almost fell last month when we had some straight winds storm that had this place rocking and rolling. It leans now but with the barrel cut it should come back straight up. It is an orchid tree and it is really pretty in the winter with pink orchid like flowers.

      1. I just thought of something. Which is strange!

        Without getting into your pun, I mean check and see what is marked ‘special’.

        I do it all the time.

        I have my list of course. I mean I have to carry whatever I find home for chrissakes.

        But, what IS ON SALE!

        That is why I love your blog.

        Most of the time, my list lists ‘meat’. I really do not know what the hell meat means unless I hit a sale.

        Well said!

  5. I also found a standing pork rib roast for less then $5. It is Saturday’s evening meal. I haven’t had one of those in a long time. I hit the store about 8:45 pm when they were cleaning up the meat case. The store closes at 10:00. I just pushed my cart around waiting to see what they might mark down and found frozen food deals and just selected the shrimp for Sunday. Then went back to the meat counter for my prize. They have to get ready for power outages too.

    Do you have a grocery fold up pull cart to bring your groceries home with? If not I would ask Santa’s Son to get you one as a gift.

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