I am watching Louie CK and it just occurred to me that the essence of Louie CK involves a maxim that is most probably 25,000 years old….or older. The maxim appears to be:


That appears to be the essence of existentialism.


Like Hitler; Obama and the Democrats

are more concerned with propaganda than the truth!



A priest and a minister and a rabbi walk into a bar and as the barkeep looks up he inquires:



D’Souza & Hitchens

What do you get if you cross and Anglican with a Jehovah’s Witness?

Someone who comes to your door for no particular reason!

Christopher Hitchens

Part of the reason for heaven; part of the justification for those who find heaven is that so many others will be rotting in hell!

Christopher Hitchens

A group of current and former inmates filed a federal lawsuit against the St. Louis city workhouse on Friday, claiming guards forced them to fight each other in gladiator-style combat. The class-action suit claims guards took away inmates’ food and privileges and attacked them if they refused to fight. The “Workhouse Gladiators” say they were also denied medical care for the serious injuries resulting from the fights, which included a broken jaw. They are seeking injunctive relief along with $100 million in punitive damages, and their attorneys are also requesting to get the inmates transferred out of the jail immediately for their safety. The lawsuit was filed after security cameras caught officers Dexter Brinson and Elvis Howard forcing two of the plaintiffs to fight. Brinson and Howard were arrested in June.

Thirty gun-toting activists protested a public library’s concealed carry policy this week, startling the patrons inside by taking the demonstration — and guns — indoors. The protesters had taken offense to a single sentence explaining the rule: “Carrying concealed weapons is prohibited, except as permitted by law.”

Philip Van Cleave, the organizer of the protest and President of Virginia Citizens Defense League, compared the library’s gun “discrimination” to racially discriminating against African-Americans:

What if they had said “We don’t allow African-Americans, except if allowed by law. Would that be okay? I don’t think so… [The rule] implies that no one is allowed to protect themselves on the property.”

I do not think that existentialism involves just theories attendant to Quantum-Physics or justice or philosophy or genetics.

I really have come to the conclusion that existentialism relates to the fact that nobody on God’s Green Earth has any idea what the consequences are to their actions.

I just made a midnight Shepherd’s Pie.

Recipes…you know Wolfgang would just look in his fridge in Berlin or some suburb of some concentration camp from the old days and instruct his cooks to serve x or y or z depending upon what the hell was available until noon when his suppliers would arrive with his recently demanded goods.

So you would break fast with Wolfgang knowing….I mean absolutely knowing that you would have a meal at the behest of your chief chef!

No menu, no instructions….you were eating at the arrogance of the chef! And you loved it; you loved the idea of it.

Oh I just supped at Wolfgang’s this AM and had the most marvelous omelet that encompassed fresh cream along with some lamb and frog’s eggs and….

Look; Wolfgang will prepare the best meals (without a thousand bucks of pans delivered to your door) you ever ate (who the hell ever knew that the Krauts could cook? I mean probably better than the English) because he knows how to cook ANYTHING.

Anyway back to the Shepherd’s pie!

I always fix 1/3 of a pound of cheap hamburger (you can grab a pound of ground beef from the supermarket marked ‘special’ in the AM because its expiration date is debatable) for my burgers. I slice off about a third of the garbage and then end up with two burgers or a 1/6th pounder times two.

I will then have one burger in a bun along with my potato and broccoli and carrot and whatever.

Dining occurs anywhere between 6 and 8.

Then I take a nap and vwella! It is about ten or eleven at night and I have some coffee or coke or whatever and decide that I am hungry about midnite or later.

So I have a bunch of hamburger chunks, some potato flakes and some cheese and whatever…

Well, I just fix the potatoes and then add the hamburger and the cheese along with some herbs and spices and some onion (that I have left from the first meal) and I can have a second feast as soon as I toss it in a preheated oven at 350 or so.

Nothing is processed; no frozen dinners for chrissakes. But damn, sometimes the second meal is better than the first?

Who’d a thunk?

I am currently watching Louis argue with his GPS about his dad (Louie was born in Mexico you know and his father was Hungarian, his mother Mexican and his citizenship at issue!)

Now to be fair, I argue with Google or Yahoo all the time.

I mean Google will say:


And I must respond quickly or else see my own niece appear in some compromising positions as it were and I must instruct Google that I wish to find info about obscenity as a legal subject.

Well, you can imagine how upset I can get arguing with a robot for Christ’s sake!

Or Yahoo is asked a simple question.

What is the best year to purchase a Dom Perignon?

And Yahoo responds:

Dumb Perogians are deaf monkeys who reside in Kenya!

Well, come on!


As Sartre or Camus might argue!

And Sartre refused to become an institution but should have been put in an institution.


We must find some sense, some order, or some reason in this universe so we simply look at the chaos before us and supply that sense or order or reason.

It is as simple as that!

The end.

8 thoughts on “PROPAGANDA

  1. ~flowerchild~

    How very true, Mr. Day. We have to find a thing to focus upon while we are brutalized by the whims of existence so our souls don’t become broken.

    I garden. I like to grow veggies and fruit. I would love to grow a banana or an orange tree, but can’t in my climate. So, like Mr. Puck, I do what I can with what I have and grow tomatoes and cabbages and raspberries and it’s all good.
    The consequences of these actions?
    In the short haul, my soul is gentled and the fam gets fed. 🙂
    In the long haul? Who can say? I have disturbed the soil and forced things to grow in straight lines. I have no idea what the repercussions of these actions will be 300 years from now.

    But, my intentions are not evil. The intentions of the guards that made the inmates fight are not so pure. At least, not by my moral compass. However, I do not live on this planet alone, so, what do I know?

  2. Dick you are invited over to my place for some low-cal spicy crackers I just made for you. The recipe said 10 cal to cracker but I am not sure if I made mine the right size for that. You can leave the salt off the top.

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