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In Saner Thought

Mitt has now made his choice of a running mate and that person as we all know by now, Paul Ryan……a common name but only 23% of the people polled have any idea who he is…..so the GOP will have to market him and have him ready for his place at the convention…..now I know you will ask….”how ill they do that”…..good question and Justin Raimondo has written such and analysis…….

Paul Ryan at Utah fundraiser 2012

The Romney campaign is making a major effort to reach out to the Tea Party, grassroots conservative activists, and Ron Paul’s libertarian supporters. They’ve not only invited Rand Paul to speak at the Tampa convention, they’ve also scheduled a “Tribute to Ron Paul” video to be shown to the delegates. However, these are mere crumbs: the video is not likely to highlight Paul’s more interesting positions, such as his vociferous opposition to the American empire and its endless wars.

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