Inglourious Basterds

I live in the past, mostly.

I just viewed Inglourious Basterds (sic) which is three years after everyone else. Hahaha

Quentin Tarantino, who is absolutely nuts, worked on the script for this incredibly obscene film.

The genre for this film might be called ‘WHAT IF?”

The genre might include films where time travelers end up stealing gold from soldiers during the Civil War or UFO’s attacking Union Soldiers or…whatever.

Quentin posits a scenario where Martin Bormann, Adolf Hitler, Joseph Goebbels and Herman Goring are all killed in a theatrical act of terrorism in one felled swoop, as they say.

The plot involves the presentation of a film by Goebbels focusing on some NAZI version of Audie Murphy; that is a ‘brave’ German soldier who actually killed over a hundred and fifty American Soldiers using a machine gun whilst hiding in some open enclosure high in the air. This ‘hero’ actually stars in the movie (just as Murphy would star in his own movie highlighting his bravery during WWII).

This film will premier in some Parisian theatre.

But there are two separate conspiracies to murder all of these NAZIs as they congregate in this small 350 seat cinema.

The first involves the young female owner of the theatre who witnessed an SS officer (known as the Jew Hunter) murder her entire family before her eyes some four years prior to the climax of this cinematic wonder.

The second conspiracy involves an undercover band of Jewish NAZI hunters led by Brad Pitt who are given a heads up concerning this NAZI congregation by some grand German actress who has turned on her own government.

The Jewish theater owner along with her projectionist plan to use actual film (there are after all hundreds of films store on site) to ignite a fire since the old films were recorded on some nitrate based tape.

Behind the large screen located at the front of the theater, piles of unwound film have been created by the conspirators that are ultimately set fire by the projectionist.

Just prior to ignition, the projectionist had locked and barred the exits so no one could escape.

The second band of conspirators had hidden zip guns or derringers in the waste cans located in the restroom.

These pair of conspirators use the hidden weapons to surprise the armed guards standing outside the door leading directly to Hitler’s seat.

The dynamic duo then grab the machine guns from the slaughtered guards, open the door (a door that was not locked by the projectionist) and begin firing at the crowd as the victims attempt to escape the fire.

Hitler is seen writhing in pain on the floor of the theater while he is shot forty times or more. ha

As as much fun as one might have watching the NAZIs all die at once—the theater finally explodes because of some bombs hidden under the seats—the scene really scared the hell out of me.

Remind you of something?

If that terrorist in Aurora had not scene Basterds prior to his killing spree, I will eat this PC.

Basterds is much more closely related to the Aurora catastrophe than any Batman film.

It appears that the schizophrenic terrorist in Aurora acted alone and never attempted to block the exits but he had the bombs and he had the machine gun along with other weapons creating a similar scenario to the blood lust of Basterds.

Smoke was everywhere, bullets flew and the entire scene lasted…what? Ten minutes?

And the shooter in real time never even got to the real bombs he had hidden in the trunk of his vehicle.

I really do not know how any movie goer can ever sit and relax with his giant popcorn and his gigantic cola at the cinema in this day and age—especially if he has read of the events in Aurora and viewed Basterds!



6 thoughts on “BASTERDS, BATMEN & AURORA

    1. I keep thinkin that too.

      Except I am drawn to reality. Not real property for sure!

      Grab your popcorn and your slurpy and make sure you have a gun that can pierce body armor. haahahahah

      This is bad.

  1. quinnesq

    I loved Basterds. Especially the Bear Jew. Good man, that.

    As for psycho mass killers, have you ever noticed how they’re all black?

    Oh wait….

    1. Yeah I know. hahahaha

      Always white. hahahahah

      I just finished watching Joel Murray in God Bless America today.

      I mean Bill and Bryan’s kid brother is the star of one of the meanest sickest films I have ever seen and I have watched Hondo for chrissakes.


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