Here is something cool and refreshing to fix during the dog days of summer in all this heat. This is really easy and it only takes a microwave to heat the water. Enjoy

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Summer time is always time for cool gelatin salads. Let me introduce you to a well-known gelatin salad in Florida. They are easy to make and mold. Molding Jell-O is not that hard if you follow a couple of rules. Always use less liquid. Usually about a half a cup less for each 2 cups of liquid. Also always spray the mold with vegetable spray. I like the butter flavor. Old recipe books tell you to butter the mold before filling. Sometimes if the fruit looks extra juicy I will either add a package of unflavored gelatin when dissolving the Jell-O or an extra package to the recipe that calls for only one package of unflavored gelatin. It is just a little extra insurance that the recipe will gel. My mother always had a difficult time with Jell-O molds. For her cooking was a drudge and something to suffer through if…

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