For all of you that is sweltering in heat and too hot to cook. Try buttermilk to cool you down. Here are some very good information on the cooling properties of buttermilk. Enjoy

Rantings of an Amateur Chef

 For many of us this has been not just a hot summer, but a sweltering one. My brother and his family live in the Phoenix area and while they call during February and talk about their 70 degree days and taking a walk in the park, I normally get to do the same during the summer months. While we have not been as hot as they have (109 the day I am writing this intro), we have not been cool enough to really brag. Stuck inside next to the air conditioner is the same whether it is 109 or 95. Just as I was looking for a way to cool off, Diana from Food N Thought Peddler came forward with this great recipe. Welcome Diana….
Thank you, Pat, once again for being a gracious host!

As we’re at the “high noon” point of the summer, the weather seems to…

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