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Over the last month there has been many food blogs on controlling costs in food budgets.  To be frank, prices are rising on food and from the recent news,  it is going to continue because of the hot dry summer.  The economic depression has changed the way many of us now shop and eat.  Now on top of that we have a major drought effecting our farmers.  It look like it is going to be a challenge for many cooks to put creative and low-cost meals on the table this coming year.  Also many working away from home is challenged to have meals planned and ready for busy  evenings when there is no time to cook.

I find it exciting that so many have taken to blogging and discussing ways of coping with the new reality.  Here on word press you can follow blogs that give tips and advice on how…

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  1. Why does fruit supplement pork so well?

    I hit the meat counter once or twice a week, depending and there is always something marked ‘special’. The only thing besides the cheap price of the special package to remember is to be sure you cook the meat within the next few days.

    I picked up some pork chops (4) already seasoned for under three bucks.

    And when they use their seasoning mixture, all I have to do is put them on a grate over a baking dish and into the oven. That’s it.

    425 for forty minutes? and dinner is ready.

    Add half a sweet potato and apple sauce or cranberry sauce and I make a nice supper and late nite meal. One chop for each meal, four meals in two days.

    I just thought of this because when ‘they’ season the meat, there is nothing left for me to do and I am never disappointed be it pork or beef or chicken.

    And fat old mendo not have to add extra oil.

    Anyway, great recipe once again.

  2. I also hit the mark down meat. I even know when they do it so I can be the first one to pick. Some times I have to push the cart around the store until the butcher is done. I freeze some of it when I find several packages of good bargins. Right now I am using down what I have in the freezer because it is hurricane season.

    If you have a non stick skillet you can use pam or spray oil to fry with. That don’t add much fat to the dish. The fat helps carmelize the sugar, apples and onions. It is really a good tasting combinations. You need to try the pasta with broccoli. You can use butter buds flavoring instead of butter. You find that in the seasonings counter. It comes in a shaker.

    My next post is going to be raised yeast doughnuts. My family ate them as I made them. Only had 3 left to photographed. Richard you will gain 5 pounds just looking at the picture of the doughnuts. I thought I would warn you a head of time.

  3. cmaukonen

    I have not been doing any cooking lately in my new place as it has been just too darn hot and the front has no AC. This may change though next year.

    But when it cools down a bit, I will make a trip to the West Side Market as it has the best meat and the best prices. And fresh too.

    Hell, I haven’t even re lit the pilots on y stove yet. I still have the gas turned off to it.

    1. It has got to be hard up there because you are used to air conditioning. Did you get a window unit to help? It has been hot down here. We have had some afternoon and evening showers. So far the tropics look good. With all this heat, there should be a lot of hurrican activity. I looked at the site that you suggested. I made ham salad this morning. This was from a ham I bought marked down after Easter that I had in my freezer. It was fully cooked so all I had to do was heat it last night. The ham salad turned out really good. Maybe I should make a post on that. I have been using up all the stuff in my freezer so if there is bad weather I won’t loose much.

      1. cmaukonen

        I have a widow unit for bedroom and will most likely get one for front room as well later.

        Oh an I love ham salad. My mother used to make it when I was young.

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