Everyone likes doughnuts. Did you ever think how it all got started. This is American cusine at it’s finest.

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Glass doughnut stand is EAPG manufactured in 1894 by McKee Glass known as “Jubilee,“ “Isis” or “Radiant Daisy and Button.“

Doughnuts are an American comfort food and part of the American cuisine. There are many tales and stories as to how the doughnut came about and got its name. But food historians agree that the Dutch settlers brought the fried dough to America. They fried sweet dough in pork fat called olykoeks (oily cakes). The sweet dough balls were filled with fillings of apples, prunes and raisins because the centers would not finish cooking and stayed doughy. The filling solved the problem because the filling only needed heated through. Early recipes told cooks to make nut size balls of dough to place in hot fat, which is probably where the name doughnut came from. Captain Hanson Crockett Gregary takes credit for the first doughnut holes in the Boston Post. Again…

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