The Angriest Liberal

You read that right.

The object of the game is to win.

Don’t get me wrong, in an election, that’s not the end, it’s the end of the beginning.

Winning an election means we get to implement policies. Losing (even “losing pure”) means we get to sit on the sidelines and watch the other guys implement theirs. And if we liked their policies more, why are we on our side?

If you don’t understand that, maybe politics isn’t for you. Maybe another hobby would suit you better. Stamp collecting? Model railroading? Birdwatching? Really – if you don’t get this, leave it to those of us that do.

There is no such thing as “making a statement” by coming in second in electoral politics. That’s called losing, and we’re far too used to it, because our side, the Dems if you will, have viewed principled losses as somehow ennobling.

They’re not…

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  1. cmaukonen

    The politics and therefore the economics of this country really has not changed that much since the beginning of WWII.

    There was a saying that went “What’s good for General Motors, is good for the USA”. But it also works the other way around. Probably more so since at that time GM was one of the biggest contractors.

    We kid ourselves into believing that we have some form for free capitalistic system but this really has not been true since WWII when the government quite literally took control of all manufacturing as well as agriculture. A system not unlike that of the Soviet Union.

    This really did not change that much afterwards. Cold war defense contracts and government subsidies made or broke companies.

    And as a commenter on dag pointed out, loyalty oaths and test were implemented under Harry Truman and carried out and expanded from then on. What’s good for the USA had better be good for GM.

    Obama saved GM not because of any righteous desire to “save America” but because it’s has been government policy to save current government businesses. The same reason that banks were saved.

    Romney was chosen to carry the republican banner because he was the most likely to carry on these policies if elected.

    All one has to do is to replace terrorist with communist and the rhetoric sounds exactly the same. I know, I lived through it.

    We have state capitalism in this country and all those nice progressive ideals that people want will only be implemented when it suits the state to do so.

    One needs only look at where the money goes. Subsidies and huge contracts and those that gets them survive and those that don’t do not.

    This may sound like crazy libertarian talk but the truth tends to sound crazy when you first look at it.

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