I think a few readers here will enjoy your story about biking.

Luv What You Do

Is anyone watching the Tour de France this weekend?




I was actually at my dentist yesterday morning, having a massive cavity filled when he asked if I was watching the tour.  I actually bought my road bike from my dentist, so biking is a shared interest of ours. This probably sounds a bit odd except for the fact that the BOY’s mom has worked at this office for almost 30 years and the dentist is also a friend.


I really haven’t been watching much TV, but I was excited to come home and turn on the Tour while enjoying a relaxing day at home catching up on emails, cleaning, and appointments.



What amazes me most is how fast these guys can go, along narrow roads, up and down hills, through obstacles, while maintaining close contact with each other.  And on top to this they can…

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    1. She has a fun diary. Well worth following. I have several followers that have very interesting diaries that I read now. It is nice to excape once in a while from every day trials.

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