Illuminating Blogger Award


Illuminating Blogger Award has been awarded to Once Upon a Paradigm for Trkingmomoe’s Strawberries-Tossed Greens Salad blog from  The people of Food Stories really enjoyed the food blogs this week and the way the blogs were presented with original ideas and stories.

I am very humbled by this award. Please let me thank Dick Day and Auntie Sam for launching us on this adventure in good food.  “From all of me,  to all of you.”  Thank you.


6 thoughts on “Illuminating Blogger Award

  1. Lis, you can add the award to paradigm’s page on the left side. You have to put the link to food stories with it. Just copy the light bulb and link. I know you will want to continually show this award off to anyone who drops by.

    1. Sam, I think all the foodies are over here. Rest of them are well fed by their wives. I will eventually repost over at dag. Right now, This is all I have time for. I am still learning how to use this computer’s software. Just staging a food photo is an learning process. Well everything I post was on my family’s menue for the past week. I have also been crusing wordpress food blogs to help our site and me with ideas. Looking forward to your recipes and ideas.

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