Banana French Toast


It is Saturday morning and the coffee is on and you are hungry. What is there to eat?  There is a couple of bananas and what is left of a loaf of home made bread going stale.  Why not banana french bread? It is easy and there are eggs in the refrigerator.  Just get the non-stick skillet out and vegetable spray to get started

Banana French Bread

1 banana mashed

2 eggs

2 tablespoons flour

1/2 teaspoon flavoring ( vanilla, caramel, butter, walnut or banana)

1/4 teaspoon of spice (cinnamon, nutmeg or apple pie spice)

Slice banana into small pieces place into mixing bowl.  Mash banana on slow speed. Add other ingredients and blend on medium speed until mixed. Heat skillet or griddle and spray with vegetable oil. Dip a slice of bread using your hand to hold the bread together making sure both sides get covered.  Then lay the slice carefully on hot skillet. Brown on both sides.  This feeds two people.

I usually make double recipe because it freezes well.  Just place toast on a small cookie sheet so it won’t stick together while freezing. Then place in freezer bag to store.  When you are ready to use it just heat in oven or microwave.  That makes for a quick breakfast.  The frozen toast will last up to a month in the freezer.

Last week on my local PBS Create station, one of the cooking shows was featuring french toast.  The cooks were testing all types of bread to see which made the best french toast. Traditionally french toast was made to use up stale bread so there was no waste. It was not so much of a gourmet breakfast dish but simple country meal.  Today it still a favorite and can stretch a food budget.  My family likes syrup on their french toast no matter what but all this toast needs is a little dusting of powered sugar.  The banana makes it a sweet treat with out the syrup and good for you.  My breakfast is getting cold and I am hungry.  Thanks for stopping by.


8 thoughts on “Banana French Toast

  1. clownonfire

    I guess a French Canadian Le Clown HAS to like a post about French toast… I’m also guided by my one-ab…
    Le Clown

      1. clownonfire

        Yeah… Sorry…. I was very comfortable in the blogosphere. I had bought myself a couch and an ottoman, and thought to myself: You could live here for awhile, Le Clown. But no, LIFE got jealous and called me back. Pfft.
        Le Clown

  2. ~flowerchild~

    I reckon if the walnut flavoring was added, this toast would be very reminiscent of banana nut bread. (Mr.flower’s fav.) 🙂

    1. Flower you can add walnuts to the batter or sprinkle them on the top if you want. I do that for special occasions and holidays. Walnuts and other nuts are getting so expensive I have to plan for them in my budget.

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