How to Make Custom Flavored Coffee

Good Morning…Smell my coffee…Yummm.  I like flavored coffee.  There is something really appealing about a cup of coffee that has an aroma which smells decadent.  The only trouble is coffee that is flavored has a bigger price tag on it.  So I can only treat myself to some on special occasions like Christmas or if I find it marked down as a closeout.  Another words after Christmas when the grocery store has marked down all the holiday items.  I usually find specialty coffee thrown in with the leftover candy and trimmings.  This year I got to try a new flavor maple walnut.  I rushed back to buy a second bag but it was all sold out.  Then one day when cleaning out my baking spices and flavoring I had an epiphany.  Why not try adding extracts to my coffee grounds before I brew my coffee.  Of coarse there was a period of trial and error before I got the right ratio of flavoring and coffee. Now I can change the flavor of my coffee to match my mood and have a treat when I need a little pampering.

Basic Recipe for favoring coffee

Enough coffee grounds to make 6 cups of coffee

1 Tablespoon extract flavoring

In a small jar with a lid measure out ground coffee and add a teaspoon of flavoring. Place the lid on it and shake well.  I like to let it sit over night before using.

Here is some combinations I have tired from my extracts I have found.

1/2 tablespoon each of maple and walnut flavoring

Tablespoon of either vanilla, orange, raspberry, caramel, hazel nut and mint.   Also you can use liquors too, like Kahlua and Irish cream with the coffee grounds.

My coffee maker only makes two cups and since I am the only coffee drinker in my house, a little jar will last me for several days.  I just add a little sugar and cream after the coffee is brewed.

Remember you can adjust the flavoring if it is too strong by adding a little more coffee.

TIP…If I don’t drink all the coffee I brewed, I put it in the refrigerator in a closed container and heat it up in the microwave the next morning. It tastes just fine after I add cream and sugar.


3 thoughts on “How to Make Custom Flavored Coffee

  1. I just made some and it still works fine. You know what you can add it just as you are brewing it too. That is if you are making a full pot. It is fun to ask a guest what is their favorite and treat them to one of the flavors you have in your extract supply.

    I was able to add a picture today to this post. I am getting better with the software.

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