Why the Military Is an Anachronism

WWII reenactment, Rockford, Illinois – Lyle Flickr Creative Commons

The other day I though I would surf over to Dpreview and check out the latest Digital SLR cameras from Nikon. I will admit it, I’m a Nikon bigot. The site reviews digital cameras and sometimes lenses. It’s pretty good with good comparisons, sample images and quality tests.

Yes I am lusting after the the Nikon D800, their latest offering in the pro-sumer or semi professional line. Excellent imaging even at ISO6400 and above. I have a D200 which is not that old but compared to the latest, it’s a 1957 Chevy.

And the newest Hasselblad medium format digital is even better. But then it’s 13 grand. We have the ability to find planets circulating other stars. Nearly every cell phone has a built in camera and the ability to upload images to the internet. We can eavesdrop on radio waves from other galaxies.

And here is the point of this diary – you can bet your sweet bippy the government, ours and others, have capabilities a few orders of magnitude better than what us lowly peons get to play with.

It’s a pretty good bet that no one country is going to invade another without someone knowing about it. Probably ahead of time.

So why do we and other countries still maintain a military that is geared to fight WWII all over again ? Why do we insist on using ground troops to cause havoc and death and destruction ? Why are we so concerned that Iran or North Korea do anything militarily when we know what and when they are going to do it and have the ability to stop it quite effectively ? Why would they even try – or anyone else – when it’s a pretty good bet they too know that we know and what the repercussions of it would be ? And why do we still approach all these situations like we are about to fight Anzio all over again ? With tanks and guns and cannons and ships.

When we can get pinpoint accuracy with unmanned drones. Remote controlled armaments. When some guy can put together a remote controlled model helicopter with a camera and stream video you know the government has the ultimate in this capability and more.

Because to stop would immediately destroy the western economy. Because it would mean cancelling most military contracts putting countless contractors out of business and double the unemployment.

Because to do otherwise would condemn our present economic system to collapse and they know it.

I truly believe that had our military spending been scaled back to what it was prior to WWII, this country would have immediately gone back into depression.

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