I am two days from being a grandfather as I begin this recitation.

I told my son today; who is spending his Sunday with his mumsy and the mother of his soon to be daughter that his sister was 20 days late in coming.

I mean Erin was supposed to be an Independence Day girl.

Since Independence Day was the birth date of my only sister; I wished to break tradition and actually name her Independence. Ha

Somehow Seany had forgotten this although he claims I never told him.

Before I hit the internet, Sean would chastise me for repeating the same boring stories over and over…something that people are prone to do anyway. hahahahah

And with my faculties lately (I mean I put up English subtitles on the films I view on Netflix in order to properly comprehend the pixals presented) I question this assessment by my son.

I mean I always have to relate old stories according to this bastard!

As anyone around here might note. Hahahahahah

Anyway, I shall not publish this epic until I am assured of my new categorization as a Grandpa! Ha!

I eschew family as a concept all the time, having been a hermit for so long a time.

But I am much more excited than I thought I was going to be. Hahahahah

Especially since my son is my best friend forever.

I have no tweeter and eschew tweets for sure.

But with a phone and a PC, what the hell is the difference?

Anyway I am excited and hopefully I might finish this post with good news!

And my son is excited about being a father.

I mean that has to give some hope for the new American is about to be tabulated by our computers and such!

Which reminds me. I have an obligation to ensure that the birth certificate has no flaws. hahaha

The mother of my grandchild is beautiful and she went to college and everything. Hahahahaha

She is ten years younger than my boy.

Her parents are teachers.

She wishes to be a teacher or at least is studying to be a teacher.

Oh well.

Do you know that Seany had no idea about ‘water breaking’ until I told him.

I mean, fifty years of watching westerns taught me something.

At any rate…

It is fun to be looking forward to something!


Latest update.

Seany called me at 2:00 PM to tell me he is taking his beloved to the hospital to be ‘induced’.

I aint no OBGYN but that should be an experience.

I told him his sister was 20 days late and it was all okay until he called me back to remind me that Erin was put in an incubator for three days….

Okay, okay but that does not mean your daughter will face the same travails….

My granddaughter is only 7 days ‘late’ so what are the consequences so to speak?

I await the call at 8 PM.

May 23 @ 2:21 PM (CST) I am officially a grandpa and the baby is in a regular portion of the hospital which means no intensive care or medical problems.

Mom is doing all right.

And my son sent me a picture and then my daughter sent me a picture.


Another 5 days and she could have been Memorial! ha

And Noela looks like my daughter Erin!

How you like that?

The parents look pretty solid.

Mom and Dad both like books and have hundreds of them.

Both parents have a good knowledge of the Web and all the attendant mechanisms-much more than I do.

They either have a college degree or are studying for one.

Dad has a descent job. Mom surely will get one in a couple years I should think.

Dad is a realist and Mom surely will be one shortly. hahaha

Mom and Dad both wish their girl to be part of both of their families.

Both Mom and Dad are good lookers–so Noela will surely be a good looker.

Both Mom and Dad have a good sense of humor.

So I am sure that this new human being has a good shot.

The end



11 thoughts on “GRANDPA DAY!

  1. 1036alan

    Congratulations all around, DD. If Noela gets your sense of humor everyone better watch out in about 20 years!

    Glad everyone’s fine.

    1. Oh Auntie Sam told me you were here! ha

      You know one thing, my son does have a sense of humor and that is how I knew he would survive!

      And everyone is healthy and happy.

  2. larrytheh

    A blessed image of an even more blessed creature. My, such beauty. I showed the picture to God and He agreed. He said “Tell Dick all is forgiven.”

    1. Ooooooh Larry, damn! Good to see ya and what surprise!

      Well, I sure have a lot to be forgiven for….maybe that is why babies make me so happy.

      I mean, regardless of Catholic ideology; my granddaughter is free from sin no matter what anybody says.



      Good to hear from you Larry.

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