It’s the Attitude….Dummy..

Amsterdam Apartment - Flickr

I have been looking for new digs. My current one was to be temporary when I moved here, until I got my “feel” for the area a little bit better. I looked at some new apartments/duplexes here but want to be able to “see” what other layout possibilities one could have. Kind of a “what if” I could find something that really was what my ideal would be. So I decided to see what was being done outside this country. I began with various cities/areas in Europe since I could easily convert the currency and find equivalent ones in my price range. I was rather surprised at what I found, though I shouldn’t been since I was very much experienced with other European products – electronics, cars, furniture etc.

The above photo is very typical of what I found. Clean, logical, functional layout. Bright with attention payed to detail. Nearly all had either wood flooring or what they call in the adds laminate or tile. Nearly all are furnished and quite a few included utilities with the rent.

When I did electronic repair I quite often had to repair radios and stereos from Europe. Telefunken, Grundig, Phillips etc. Not big expensive sets mind you but nice. I was always impressed with how well they were built and laid out and how well they sounded. And of course the European cars have always had a high reputation. And the furniture is well made and with clean lines.

Now starts the rant.

Far too many in this country have the crappiest attitudes. The right especially who are the first to preach that “you can’t get something for nothing” are the very first to try. In fact not just try but expect it. Not just the so called 1% but all the way down to some small businessmen as well. Putting as little effort and time and money in and then gouging as much out as possible. And they are not alone. Consumers are in it as well because with out them the crooks and carnival barkers would have no one to sell their snake oil too.

And what does the left want to do ? Regulated it.

How about eliminating it ?

It’s like the whole country is looking for some quick buck or how to snooker one another. We have been this way a long time. With our wars for money and gold rush and all else. PT Barnum should be on our currency.

What ever happened to respect and appreciation for a job well done ? What ever happened to taking pride in what one produced ? Taking time to become proficient in ones craft ? Why is it always about the money here ? Low bid and slap some paint on it and hope nobody notices. What my friends and I used to call mickey mouse.

Those well crafted old buildings and furniture and houses and cars were built by skilled craftsman that immigrated here. But some how their appreciation never got passed on. Far too much is a shell game of glitz and glitter designed to distract from the obvious. Hoping that the public dies not catch on that the bearded lady is fake until the circus is out of town.

And it’s an expectation that the more money ones has, the more one should be pampered and catered too. Bull sh*t !

What ever happened to taking personal responsibility for one actions as well as credit for ones successes ? You can blame capitalism but unless people change their attitudes, what you would wind up with is a lousy crappy form of something else.

This country has become some cheap side show with crappy cupie dolls and I for one am sick and tired of it. I just don’t know what to do about it.

End of rant.


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