Oh My


Um, I’ve been missing a lot.

I’ve been missing you all, and skipping out on a lot of the politics, lately.

It’s not because I don’t care, because I do.  I hate what the GOP is doing to us, and I hate Rick Santorum very much.  And I don’t usually hate people.

It’s just that I’m trying so hard, right now, to get my self together.  And I hadn’t realized how very badly I had needed to do that.  I had thought I was fine.

Anyway, I just want to say that it’s not okay for men to tell women how to run their lives…and it’s not okay for people to think that just because they value life means it’s okay to run roughshod on others who find themselves lost.

The underdog is my hero.  The underdog is whom I will stand up for and stand beside, and the rest of the country can go screw themselves.

I’m in therapy, and my therapist is trying to teach me that I have a million voices inside me.  This, I did not know.  I only knew I had tinnitus.

So all these voices are fighting, yet in accord.  They all want to protect me.  Yay, for me.

I just wish I could live with ONE voice.  Heh.

I hope to god our President doesn’t need therapy.  But I wouldn’t blame him if he did.

If it’s not easy being me, how could it be easy being him?


Like him, I want one country, not a fragmented mess.  Like him, I believe all of us are one and the same race:  Human.

But it’s easy for me to try to get my friends to agree with me…and easy for me to ignore the ones that don’t.

Our President doesn’t have that luxury.

Oh my.  How I wish this country was more understanding.  How I wish…how I wish.



4 thoughts on “Oh My

  1. Gee…you are up late. The GOP primary is a mess. They have gone over the deep end. Hang in there with your therapy. I just got done cleaning up the kitchen. I was baking bread and making chocolate chip cookies. I call it kitchen therapy.

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