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World Fertility Map

World Fertility Rate Map

With all the hoopla about access to contraceptives by women here as well as abortion rights and the paranoia both here and abroad about Islamic take over, I thought it might be of interest to look at the reality of what is actually going on. A comment in one of the other diaries reminded me of checking out some of the stories in Asia Times so I though I would cruse over there.

I found and interesting essay by Spengler of the continuing loss of fertility in Japan as well as here in the US. That Japanese young people are getting very turned off by sex and this is alarming the Japanese Authorities. Japans birth rate has been dropping for some time and a large portion of the population lives alone. Spengler in this article thinks it might be a consequence of the separation of sexual activity from child bearing. The use of women as sexual objects rather than mates causes them to get turned off by sex by making them generic objects instead of unique individuals.

The moment we separate sexuality from child-bearing, we turn women into generic sexual objects, which makes it impossible for them to obtain what they want, because sexual objects are generic. The one thing you know with 100% certainty about any woman you see, supermodels included, is that some man, somewhere, is tired of sleeping with her. If women cannot control men by bearing their children, what other means to they have to control them? We find the answer in the sudden popularity of dominant-submissive fantasies.

And that when even sexual perversion becomes boring, all sex become boring.

All the signs are there. It was only recently that mainstream American corporations began to advertise electronic sex toys on prime-time television, indicating that the market had, well, peaked. American women will follow their Japanese sisters into asexuality, and if women become sufficiently disgusted with men, men will become disgusted with themselves.

He then goes on to suggest that that the over use of such drugs as Prozac might also be a reason for this loss is sexual,interest.

Back in 1998, Proffesor Jesse Ausubel of Rockefeller University warned that massive overuse of psycho-pharmacopoeia might lead to a gigantic decline in libido.

Prozac is well known to cause sexual dysfunction, along with general calming. Maybe the attack on depression and hyperactivity is affecting aggression, violence, crime, and many other antisocial behaviors. But creativity in all its formseconomic, scientific, artisticalso often first appears as antisocial behavior. Maybe America and other nations are prescribing themselves a gradual but gigantic and deadly loss of libido. An ironic end to the Freudian century.

Whether it is due to disgust at the misery of their circumstances, or the side-effect of drugs intended to dull the misery of their circumstances, women are abandoning sexuality.

However in his book on the subject of loss of fertility, “How Civilizations Die: (And Why Islam Is Dying Too)” he then notes that fertility rates are dropping in nearly all countries as they become more industrialized and technologically advanced. And that this drop is the most noticeable in Europe and the Islamic world. Bringing up the fact the large families are no longer needed or desired after moving from agrarian to industrialized societies.

That for whatever the reason more and more people are choosing not to procreate. Noting too that single house holds are now 28% here.

What we do not know – for we as a people/culture/society – have not ever had to deal with a drop in fertility rates. We do not know what the impacts this will have short or long term on society, culture, the economy or politics. Local or world wide. All we know is theoretical based of discoveries of past civilizations that have come and gone. How will this impact the care of those who are now reaching their old age. Such as the so called baby boomers, a member of which am I.

In Japan they are experiencing what they call kodokushi (“lonely death”).

In another 20 years or so, though, the self-sufficient singles of American cities will emulate the kodokushi (“lonely death”) victims of Japan, another much-commented 21st-century phenomenon.

I saw a report on NHK a while back where elderly Japanese had to fend for themselves to remove the snow from a major snow storm from the roofs of their houses to keep the snow from collapsing the roofs. Many died from the attempt but they had no choice since they had no family to help them or friends near by that could.

Another thing we do not know is whether or not there is a point of no return when the fertility rate drops for a country or culture or society. One other thing that Spengler brings up in his book, which I only read a bit of, is how societies when they feel they are dying out begin to act or react in an irrational manner. Like a person who has just been told he has an incurable disease and will die fairly shortly. They no longer feel they have a reason or motive to act in their best interests.

I myself in writing this diary have no solutions to offer or even any ideas as to what this portends. But it is something that needs to be considered in light of what is currently going in in the world.


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