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It is only March of 2012 and already this is turning out to be the year Republicans took their war on women to entirely new heights.

It might seem like it all began when the powers that be at the Komen Fund decided it was time to get into the game of shutting down Planned Parenthood. Shutting down Planned Parenthood has been a goal of the right since the abortion warsbegan. Controlling the type of healthcare available to women, effectively renders us children to the state, it’s right out of A Handmaid’s Tale, it is scary how far some of the foes of reproductive health will go. They do no only employ intimidation through threats of bodily harm, they have coupled that with enacting legislation effectively curtailing the rights of women to be full and total citizens of this country.  It’s shameful.

The quest for full citizenship…

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  1. Planned Parenthood has been assaulted for the first time in my memory…And I think that there is now a reaction against an organization that has attempted to present a female voice in America and really was one of those first voices.

  2. I just read an op-ed piece today wherein there’s an Amendment being voted on in Florida in November, not only pertaining to public funding of abortions, but also to a woman’s right to privacy. The wording on the privacy portion is hidden at the end, vaguely entitled “Construction of Abortion Rights”:

    We really have to stay educated on these measures, state by state, this year. They’re trying to sneak these things in.

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