Why are the Greek protests virtually ignored here ?

Greek Protests
Greek Protests – Flicker Creative Commons

In the US. When they are being covered by the media in other countries ? Such as The Guardian, The Daily Mail, The Telegraph (Australia) , The BBC, Reuters ?

Especially now when they are getting increasingly more violent. The media here was johnny on the spot with the Egyptian and Tunisian and Libyan protests. They have been covering the protests in Syria since the beginning.

Could it be than now that people are becoming more of a threat to the western oligarchy, that they do not want this to be known ? That now the people – in Greece at least – are saying NO MORE and are willing to back this up physically if necessary ? When this could very well lead to a civil war there ?

Could it be that this is making TPB very, very nervous ? As it should.

Coverage from RT.


2 thoughts on “Why are the Greek protests virtually ignored here ?

  1. I have My Yahoo set to pick up all the political news for my daily headlines, and it’s been mentioning the fires and riots in Greece all weekend. I don’t know about televised news, though, as I never watch it.

    1. cmaukonen

      I have been checking the MSM and they maybe covering it now that it has good video. But was giving only tertiary mention on their web sites, if any. CNN had non on their US site even though they had quite a bit on their international site.

      The wire services have been on it for the last few days as has most of the international outlets.

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