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Oh geez. Really? I didn’t really pay attention to this so-called outrageous action by HHS’s new regulation mandating the coverage of contraception for women without a co-pay. Those bastards, I didn’t know I should be outraged about something that already happens.

I also found out via Old Pundit Alpha aka Mark Shields, who exclaimed on PBS the other night, “This is going to be cataclysmic for the Whitehouse”. Waa… he continued on rather histrionically about how horrible this decision would turn out to be. Then I noticed Old Pundit Beta aka David Brooks, sitting there ready,leaning forward oh so hard and so ready to respond to this burgeoning controversy, the greatest mistake ever made by any administration, “This,” he said, “is the most under-reported story of our time all religious people resent this intrusion into their lives, even if it has already happened in 28 states!!!”

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  1. “This,” he said, “is the most under-reported story of our time…”

    LOL, maybe that’s because it’s not news????

    Great blog, TMac! I noted the other day that Newt Gingrich claimed that contraception is an attack on religion — while I think it’s the other way around.

  2. Now that this has bounced around for a few days, I really think powerful Bishop lobby felt they had to beat up on the Whitehouse and Congress. They have all but lost blocking gay rights and the ladies went and circled the wagons around PP. Women made it clear that women’s healthcare was at stake and they had a voice. I read several polls on this and the public is with the President on this even the majority of Catholics. Obama will make a few chess moves against them to show how out of step they are. They will counter act by dragging it into the courts. And watch all this hurt repubs.

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