The Angriest Liberal

Donald Trump has endorsed Mitt Romney and while he did he completely misrepresented what the CBO’s Tuesday announcement on economic outlook over the the next year.

Trump either deliberately or as a result of piss-poor comprehension skills  misrepresented a new report just released by the Congressional Budget Office which said the economic outlook will improve dramatically “but only if Congress can resist enacting budget-busting laws like another extension of the Bush tax cuts, which would more than double the projected deficit.” Trump left that part out though, wow shocker.

Why does Mitt Romney think that Donald Trump can help him in this election or in any election or even as a reference for a job as a janitor, Donald Trump is a publicity hungry joke. Does he really have any credibility among the general population? Come on, no way, everyone sees what kind of man Donald Trump is, he…

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  1. cmaukonen

    Oh hell Trump would endorse anyone who was sleazy enough to suck up to him. He’d probably even endorse Marie Antoinette if she went to bed with him.

  2. Mac I have written blogs about Trump.

    It is my belief that he is so pissed at how our President outwitted him at the Press Dinner, how our President slammed him personally at that same dinner and how our President closed all options for him to respond–with the murder of Bin Laden–that Trump will spend the rest of his worthless existence attempting to achieve pay-back.

    Payback that this strange haired creature will never achieve.

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