“What kind of country are we living in now?”

I would like to say that this question – rhetorical or not – at the end of tejanarusa comment was but one of a few times I have read it. Unfortunately it is not. Closer to one of a hundred times I have read or heard this question.

Glibness and Superficial Charm

Manipulative and Conning
Pathological Lying

Lack of Remorse, Shame or Guilt

Callousness and Lack of Empathy

Irresponsibility and Unreliability

Yes…these are the personality traits of a sociopath or psychopath. I am not saying the all or even most people have these personality traits. But what we are seeing is more and more people who exhibit more that one of them. And we are seeing them in politicians and the media and public servants and bankers and CEOs and even the clergy. Add to that list arrogance and greed and self centeredness and sanctimony. Personality traits and behavior that was not tolerated by most people what I was growing up. Not in young people or children and certainly not in adults.

Not only are these behaviors tolerated, but in some circles and groups admired. As some sign strength or resolve.

And the really bad part is that pour economic and political system rewards people with these kinds of behaviors. But it is not enough to say we need to change the system, we need to make it clear that people with these kinds of behaviors and personality traits are simply no longer tolerated. Not in the politicians. Not in the CEOs. Not in the bankers or police. Not in our children or the supermarket bag boy or the doctors or the teachers or anyone.

That common decency and thoughtfulness is expected and to confront these negative behaviors when ever anyone shows them.

We cannot change these people but we can give them a really good motivation to change themselves.

The point being is that we have become far to OK with behaviors that should not be OK with anyone.

Take a look at the movies and the video games and violence there. How can we as a culture get shocked by an attempted assassination of a senator and cheer the assassination of a supposed enemy or wish the same for some other politician because we highly disagree with them.

Or justify behaviors in one group of people and condemn them in another group.

Our culture has become seriously mentally damaged some how.

I am not surprised that we have our current situation. I am more surprised it hasn’t become even more violent and deranged.




7 thoughts on ““What kind of country are we living in now?”

  1. I get to thinking that way. Of course you already know that. hahahaha

    Audiences cheer the death of those without health insurance or boo heroes on one of our military fronts.

    So, when I get more right in the head, I try to focus on the good folks out there.

    People who stock food shelves, people who run soup kitchens, people who spend time with their children, people like Sean Penn who will dedicate months of his time in Haiti, Bono who could talk Jesse Helms into actually doing something for humanity….

    There are good good people in the world after all!

  2. ~flowerchild~

    Whew! For a minute there I thought that was your Christmas wish list and that no way was Santa gonna go for it! 😉
    The other day I was reading another list of the things people hate about Christmas.. Coming in at number 10? Having to be nice to people.
    Apparently expressing goodwill is painful. Or annoying. Or maybe 15% of the people think showing concern/respect/responsibility make them look like a wussy or something and they sure can’t have anybody thinking they’re anything but …. what? Invincible? Always right? Better than the rest? Smarter than the rest? So treat everyone like shit. Be an equal opportunity asshole and the world will reward you.
    Oh boy. I think I’m up too early on a Sunday morning. 🙂

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