I was thinking about the great interview by Wallace Jr. with Bill Clinton lately.

I mean, Wild Bill just cut that mother f*%ker into shreds.

And it took him about ten seconds to do so. Hhahahahaah

One of the most funnest video shorts of all time!

But on point after point prior to this out by Clinton, he puts down Wally Jr. point by point by point.

There can be no disagreement with regard to this interview as it unfolds.

Wally Jr. melts most of the time.

How did we do going after Bn Ladin?



You falsely accused me of ignoring a menace to the United States of America.


You have got to hear all three parts of this interview on Youtube, but you must, you must reach part two.

This is history folks.

This is a smack down that shall remain with us as long as humans exist with this tech and more tech.

I mean you have to create the perfect convergence for one of these moments to work.

Wally Jr. has this facial faux that may be due to genetics or a partial stroke or whatever.

But his ‘smile’ sneaks over to one side like this Gretchen bitch on Fox.

Watch SNL play with Gretchen sometime.

Oh that is unfair.

Well life is unfair but SNL does the same bad thing with Rachel.

Now add the variable of Wally Jr. in the context of FOX with President William Clinton and it is like Menthos being added to Coke.

And Wild Bill probably had a bad night. He is not necessarily a drinker and he has worked on his diet.

But, let us look at this historical moment and consider.

The former President—who headed a successful republic—is being interviewed by a nobody!

And for some reason Wild Bill decided affirmatively to appear on the network run by his enemies.

He knew there would be no softballs.

He knew that he would be recognized with absolutely no prestige whatsoever.

He knew that he had no status.

So he knew he would be attacked.

Further assume that he was having a bad day. Because Bill Clinton is one of the sharpest and best armed guests of the latter 20th century.

I think about his 92 debate. George H. W. is looking at his watch whilst a Black Woman is asking him a question that concerns her very existence.

H. W. mumbles something about how he does not understand the question after putting down his watch and Wild Bill jumps to the front of the stage and says:

I know exactly what you are talking about.

@ 3:16

This response by Clinton was remarkable and the tape was cut to those noted minutes on every single channel except the FOX corporate co*&suckers.

We all look back to moments as if they are dispositive in order to reach some level of nirvana but this was quite a moment in my mind’s eye!

Getting back to Wally Jr…..

The man was humiliated and I think the humiliation drove him more onto the right side of the fence so to speak.

Let me switch to the moment when President Obama just bitch slapped (yeah I know this can be taken as sexist but give me a better phrase that best typifies the situation) Trump.

I have never seen a man more humiliated in a situation where he had absolutely no ability to respond to a put-down.

Why was Trump even at that Press Gala?

Trump pretended to run for the Presidency of the United States of America without the slightest intent to do so.

O’Donnell is correct in that assessment.

And Trump decided he would go to the dark side to build up his prestige with regard to that pretension.

So Mr. T sets up the entire stage.

Oh where is HIS birth certificate?

I have a birth certificate, where is HIS?

And Trump has trumped others before this transpired.

He knew the variables involved in shrinking real estate values and how to play the banks and how to play those in economic turmoil. And he relished this game.


So the President reaches the dais with the knowledge that he has just released his long form birth certificate. And The President with all of his status and prestige, knows that T-Rump has not had the opportunity to respond to this disclosure.

Now the President is prepared to meet his stupid foe with status that Trump has not.

So Donnie is stuck eating his own shit, matter than hell and ready for battle. I am sure he left that debacle screaming at his aides and demanding retribution immediately.


Except the very next day, which the President knew very well on the date of the performance, the single biggest criminal wandering the globe at the time had been shot dead!

You see folks, this is the primary philosophical difference between prestige and status.

Donald Trump has no status.

Donald Trump is a media creation; like Morris or Hannity or Rush.

Someone with real status has access to information that a prestigious pimp does not.

So that, Obama knew damn well that T-Rump could not respond for weeks following his complete and total bashing of Donald.


Can you imagine the anger that a Narcissistic, Corporate Oligarchical prick like T-Rump would experience at this particular time in his career?

There were times when Donald Trump would express sentiments that seemed almost liberal in tone?

He once dismissed the National Debt as something that the rich could extinguish with no great hardship at all!

But for market place purposes, the Donald could come off arch-conservative and find an audience belittling the first Black Chief Executive with impunity. I mean even if you only hold the attention of ten percent of the populace, you have immediately 30 million followers.

And a ten million rating on your moronic TV exposition makes you supreme.

T-Rump has made a career out of lying; just like any good American Entrepreneur.


So Donald thinks he is still in the game months after his abasement!

He has lied about sending ‘experts’ to Hawaii.

He has lied about experts proving that the long form Birth Certificate is a fraud.

He cannot help himself.

This is a guy who was born in South Africa!

T-Rump was so abased and shamed at that Press Celebration that he will never let it go.

Donald is helpless.

And I so love that.

I am sorry, but Donald Trump is the biggest single asshole I have ever ever witnessed on Main Stream Media.

And I love it when my assessment is proven correct. Hahahahahahaha

There is always a game of chess going on out there in the world of politics.

But Trump was caught in a checkers game he could never surmount.

And now Trump is the butt of a joke forever that only O’Donnell has perfectly characterized.


the end



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