7 thoughts on “Syracuse, Labor Day Weekend

    1. Thanks, C. Unfortunately, all of the pictures I took of the beautiful buildings downtown came out so badly I couldn’t upload them. You see, I somehow knocked the F Stop into the wrong position while traveling, and didn’t think to check it before snapping photos. Not until I got home and tried to view each picture did I realize my mistake. A good 70% of my snapshots were over-exposed and can’t be auto-corrected.

      Oh well. The loss of my photos is nothing compared to the loss of a friend.

      Thank you for enjoying the pictures that I was able to save. 🙂

    1. LOL, and to me, Dick was nothing like I’d pictured him, hahaha. Isn’t that funny. But what a great guy. I just adore him, and I’m so glad we finally met after all these years.

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