Embracing Violence

We need to take a clue from Rick Perry and note that he endorses citizenship for aliens who serve in our military.

Disposable citizens is what this feels like to me. No more than a cynical means to pursue the goals of the religious right. This is repulsive.

2 thoughts on “Embracing Violence

    1. Buying and selling war and death just like any other commodity. I’m just delighted to know we’ve done this and a whole lot more for all of recorded history. This must be why drugs were invented.

      What’s really neat is we’ve permitted our government to become totally corrupted by the corporations and thus expanded the criminal class to include almost everyone. I noticed the other day we’re winding up negotiations with either Iraq or Afghanistan to remain there militarily through 2025.

      I noticed also we have long range budget committments for nuclear weapons running in the hundreds of billions.

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