Singin’ in the Rain

I was viewing C-SPAN again and this old mofo was discussing the umbra of an old priest from Chicago by the name of Robert Pfleger.

The author turns out to be an ex-priest by the name of McClory.

Father Pflegert looked up one day and saw billboards that he had not taken the time to view before.

That is, we all go by billboards every day without really seeing them.,michael-pfleger-robert-mcclory.article

And Father Pflegert became mesmerized by these cheap attempts at advertising and noticed that on the

Southside (or the cheapside) of Chicago all those billboards advertised the positives of booze and cigs.

And this priest thought about it and decided to take a look at the billboards in the more affluent parts of suburban Chicago and discovered something. All the billboards did not emphasize booze and drugs in the more stable suburbs of Chicago.

There were billboards selling perfumes and styles of dress and all sorts of other products in the more affluent areas of Chicago.

Well, to make a long story short (which has never been my forte) Christian soldiers allied to Father Pflegert began disgracing and defacing every single billboard in South Chicago.

The old author,(McClory) who has such a sense of irony and disdain for American advertisers anyway, is hilarious in his rendition of the events following this insignificant representative of the Vatican that I broke out in laughter more than a few times during his presentation.

One kid/soldier was on record of purchasing all this red paint from a particular hardware store in Chicago. Hahahaha But when the Chicago Blue followed up on the clue, the kid/soldier told the police exactly what he was doing and the detective team just looked at one another, nodded at one another and mutually decided that that was that! Hahahah

One time a squad car was called to a particular location and the team discovered a couple of kid/soldiers defacing a billboard and they inquired:


And the kid/soldiers replied:

Well we are just defacing billboards that advertise only liquor and cigs.

The SQUAD simply looked at each other, nodded and that was that. Hahaahahah

We talk about community effort.

We talk about community spirit.

We talk about community heart.

We talk about community values.

Well, this story is just delightful. I am so elated when I hear a story like this.

In Boondock Saints Willhem Dafoe comes across as a real hero even though his initial job is to bring ‘justice’ relating to the deaths of mobsters.

He comes across a few dead thugs and he is in charge of investigating the deaths of these thugs.

I feel that it would be better to view Boondock Saints right after viewing Clockwork Orange to get some sort of balance. Ahhahaah

As if there is any balance in the mortal world of morals.,michael-pfleger-robert-mcclory.article

Boondock Saints involves two Irish Catholics who simply break all the laws and kill bad guys.

It is funny because they only kill the bad guys. Although a sociopath who kind of joins their venture ends up getting killed; it appears to me that the sociopath without malice or with malice murdered some innocents at a 7-11.

The investigating officer from the onset of the first murders is played by DaFoe, one of my favorite actors.

As a subplot, Willem is a homosexual who awakens in the morning on his provided hotel bed with some ruffian. As the ruffian reaches for mammalian affection, DaFoe reprimands:


Willem DaFoe interrogates the two suspects immediately following the deaths of the lowly Russian hoodlums and the two suspects (the heroes or anti-heroes of the film) are greeted so gratefully by the entire police precinct that they ask to stay in jail for awhile in order to avoid the onset of the news terrorists.

That is why the Angel of Death, Dafoe, just goes along with the investigation as scores of Russian Mafia and others die, until the Angel of Death says:

All Righty Then; I shall help you in your endeavors. Ha

The Boondock Saints is more like a symbolic ballet really.

Whereas Clockwork Orange kind of takes on the liberals rather harshly.

I recall as a real live socialist wishing and hoping that Malcolm McDowell dies immediately.

I can get into a number of assaults upon a number of American movies where I am driven to the point of conservatism but I would rather not do that now.

I was just taken by this lowly Catholic Priest who drew a line in the sand with regard to real morality.

You can diss abortion; that is easy.

You can diss atheism or secularism; that is easy.

But taking on pure capitalism; not philosophical capitalism; not patriotic capitalism; but real capitalism; the capitalism that invades our everyday lives.

That is something!

At least to me!

So I have come to a conclusion.

I mean we could organize folks to kill the bad guys; or at least scare the shite out of them.

I do not mean that in a bad way of course!

Or we could simply and peacefully take the course of Father Pflegert and issue people paint cans.

Of course it would be better if we tooled up so to speak and issued spray apparati with the proper combination of paint and soda water so that the work could be properly done.

All billboards containing fascist, corporate oligarchist, anti-populist sentiments should be defaced at once.

All repub outlets on the internet should be defaced with fractuous comments and snide remarks.

All media outlets should be monitored and every single time a lie is published; we smash it with 1700 comments demonstrating with alacrity all falsehoods contained in such publication.

That is all I got! Ha


6 thoughts on “SINGIN IN THE RAIN

  1. The SQUAD simply looked at each other, nodded and that was that. Hahaahahah

    Oh how I wish it were that easy to fix the obvious indiscretions of the brain dead elites running the show. How is it things can be so simple and simultaneously so complex?

  2. I remember Boondock Saints. I was cheering for the two Irish to kill all the bad guys. The dark truth? I wish for a modern formulation of Irish to get after a whole lot of repubs. I guess I’ve given up on the idea of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ and any notion of co-existence. Reality bites.

  3. And in the end it comes, again, down to the lies.

    A familiar refrain of ours.

    I would so love to know how, with just one person, for starters, to have a perfect trust. I suspect no two people have ever done that.

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