I came across a British mini-series entitled The_State_Within (2006)

The main character is the British Ambassador to the United States. (Played by Jason Isaacs)

There is a terrorist attack on U.S. Soil involving a British Muslim terrorist.

The Secretary of Defense (played by Sharon Gless of Cagney and Lacy fame—who really scares the shite out of me, I mean what fine actress) is pulling out all stops and the Ambassador’s job is to keep British/American relations in tact and do something for the rights of British Citizens; Muslim or not!

Meanwhile the Governor of Virginia with the tacit (?) approval of the Secretary of Defense and the President just goes ahead under the Patriot Act and rounds up all British Muslims in Virginia! It turns out that there are 3,000 British Muslims in the State of Virginia. There are students and visiting teachers/professors and tourists and whatnots.

And the Governor just rounds them up. And the Ambassador is so pissed he actually shows up at the round-up center to give them some hope; some consolation.

The show is a seven hour (52 minutes to an hour) marathon with many, many side plots and such.

Now British television can be kind of dark. It is extremely alluring to me. I include British/Canadian because of the many partnerships formed in the entertainment industry by companies in both nations.

Actors like Helen Mirren and John Thaw and Nicholas Campbell and David Jason and host of others provide depth that I do not see in American Television very often.

The importance of The State Within series lies in its perspective.

When a foreign national is arrested in the US or stopped for questioning, we are supposed to alert the embassy of the country from which the foreign national came. That is why the British Embassy would be notified of the goings on in Virginia.

For THE British Ambassador to show up in the midst of this bedlam is intriguing.

To see ourselves as others see us….

England is in a mess right now. There are riots involving these very same British Muslims as well as other minorities who came to England for a new life; just like here. And they find themselves on the street or in tiny apartments working for minimum wages. (This is a fine article at Huffpo/UK discussing the London and Paris riots

I am apologizing for no one. You blow up a shop or a car or whatever and I hope you receive swift and harsh justice.

And this sort of scenario plays out here and guys like beckerhead and rush and FOX wish to throw nitro on the fire and beckerhead goes so far as to proselytize that Obama will personally call all his ‘brothers’ to action and burn the country down if he is not reelected!

What is a mother to do?

I just finished viewing Louie CK in between episodes of The State Within.

He comes across an old pal of his who started with him in basement comedy. He takes some time to hear his old pal’s story and comes to find out that his friend is about to commit suicide.

Eventually after admonishing his old friend not to go through with it after spending hours with him; Louie has to say good day because he must get home and care for his two daughters in the morning.

Again, what is a mother to do? Am I my brother’s keeper and all of that.

I think I forget sometimes how difficult certain high positions are to fulfill properly.

The amount of angst (kind of a metrosexual term) involved in being the British Ambassador to the U.S. or vice versa must be incredible.

We have ‘incidents’ here. No real full blown riots so to speak throughout this new century.

But we have homeless folks, we have people working two part time minimum wage jobs, we have a lot of ‘angst’ in many of our cities. Things could blow up any moment without any ‘foreign influence’ and the right wing radio/tv clowns could do much to foment that anger out there.

With open racism abundant on all of our ‘media’ outlets, riots could start just like in London or Paris or Cairo with one igniter such as a shooting by a lone police officer or a unabomber.

We have 310 million residents/citizens (maybe 330 million) and a couple million folks could do a lot of damage! That is a Dick Cheney perspective for sure.

See the One Percent Doctrine.

There is hate out there.

If I go into a rage every single time I hear Palin’s voice or Bachmann’s vocalizations or McConnell’s snide remarks or….

Think about those folks who have no superego; those people who have no social restraints.

We must look at what is taking place in other environments; in other nations; in other urban centers across the globe.

We may wish to cheer when Egyptians gather en mass to take down a dictator. You can replace Egyptian with Syrian or Iranian or whatever.

You cannot please all of the people all of the time.

I do know this.

FOX and beckerhead and Limbaugh and a host of others across this nation are fomenting revolution or riots and they do not care.

If a riot occurs these fascists will blame the left and the sources of discontent will be meaningless.

With the Patriot Act and with the new Homeland Security and with the fear and trepidation felt throughout our country; ‘martial law’ is imminent.

Whether this police state is officially recognized this year or the next; we should be prepared to see it first hand within the next five years.

There is no escape.



5 thoughts on “THE POLICE STATE

  1. I noticed the other day that British law enforcement is ‘blaming’ the social media sites citing them as a root cause for the rioting in cities across the UK. That’s ludicrous.

    The upshot is the idiots are seeking authority to arbitrarily shut them down in times of social unrest. This is another of those things where government retains an authority for something but denies it to citizens. In this case it’s the means to communicate. I compare this to government being allowed to lie to citizens while the opposite is prohibited. I go nuts every time I run across that condition.

    All I can think of is the rise of corporations and the ‘supercitizen’ with their own special box of rights enshrined securely within our seriously modified framework of free speech. I’m afraid the wrongheaded judgements of the Robert’s court will haunt this nation for at least a half century before some of them might be changed. I hate to think about it but maybe things will happen that’ll make them moot. We’re a tolerant people but at the rate we’re going our tolerance bucket will be emptied out sooner than later. As we know the repubs are scraping the bottom of theirs. But then it was only half full to begin with.

    1. First you point out why we must vote the Dem ticket for President!

      Second, blame will shut down web sites, MSM outlets….

      I can hear it all now. Who is a citizen? Who is a traitor?

      There are only political arguments on the Supreme Court anyway. The fascists control right now.

      Of course the right faced the Warren Court and they were not happy at all.

      But the Warren Court expanded freedoms and the Roberts Court minimizes freedom.

      At any rate, this miniseries really got to me!

      A series of riots or one horrific terrorist attack and we are screwed!

      1. A series of riots or one horrific terrorist attack and we are screwed!

        This creeps me out. I have this awful sense it’s only a matter of time. The trajectory we’re on so evidently leads to one disaster after another. This is no different than the debt reduction self-inflicted market calamity. We just can’t help ourselves. The balance between getting this stuff right and getting it wrong is unbelieveably narrow. 9/11 gave a major off center push that we have yet to correct for. We’re operationally still in panic mode. Our day-to-day modus operandi is one of irrational behavior.

  2. ~flowerchild~

    Some days I’m more optimistic than other days and hope there will be a gigantic epiphany for hue-manity and we finally all get along.

    Then I get real.

    Some days I think the only way back to a useful sanity is by riots in the street and revolution by the kids coming up.

    Then I read something like this:
    and realize the young in America are unable to help themselves and most definitely are unable to respond to any call to protest by the fox snooze poopy pants talking heads. Somehow, I find comfort that the elderly beckrush audience is content to remain in their barca-loungers and buy their shiny gold coins over the phone.

    Riots and revolutions are a lot of hard work!. American youts ain’t got no gumption no more, Mr. Day. Their future will hold no Dirty Fucking Hippie past.

    But, the kids in London and Paris will have stories to tell.

    I ramble.


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