We Continue to Find Ways to Get Better at Killing People

We are a sick society. No doubt.

Our government research labs have devised a new material, LINK, to encase bombs etc that in some way make the explosive force multiply by xx amount and therefore adds significantly to the lethality of the weapon. We’ve been in a headlong rush to develop weapons of war and quite obviously have established that as a priority over other more pressing issues which are of much more direct importance to each of us.

Why is it we can’t figure out how to feed Americans, provide medical care, provide affordable energy efficient housing or educate the populace? There is irrefutable evidence that we have seriously regressed on these things.

As they say, it isn’t rocket science to know this recipe is doomed to failure. However we’ve evolved the societal measuring stick we’re using, we’ve gotten it horribly wrong.

One thought on “We Continue to Find Ways to Get Better at Killing People

  1. The part of this that is particularly bad is the fact that repubs find it perfectly ok to fund every penny of our national defense and of our wars in and against sovereign states, using the national credit card.

    This makes us doubly screwed up.

    Killing people on credit. Beat that!!

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