Still Stupid? Or Just the Way It Is?

Maybe it’s all the money poured into Wisconsin to influence the recall. I don’t know. But the fact remains that the people of the state of Wisconsin have been poorly served by the persons placed in office in 2010. Apparently the majority is fine with how those persons have run the business of the state of Wisconsin. Why that is I’ll never understand.

I’m as biased as can be on this so my perspective is highly suspect. That said, I still don’t know how to get over this hurdle where my sense of the situation is that the people of Wisconsin have voted against their own best interests. Few people below the class of millionaires are served by the republican agenda. If the Wisconsin demographic is like the remainder of the country they don’t have that many millionaires. So why this inexplicable election result?

Without a doubt the socio-economic picture is exceedingly complex. How can you present this complexity to voters? It’s best described by facts and by numbers. But that bores the hell out of people and apparently isn’t digestable by the majority.

I don’t know if the above limitation is a failure of education or if it’s just the way people are. I saw in the last couple of days the results of a study that indicated the ability of persons to do math and generally deal with numbers and complex data relationships is something we possess by the accident of our birth as opposed to something we learn. If that’s the case then we’re fairly well screwed. I say that because as time passes persons who can deal with numbers and with complex relational ideas will have an advantage over those persons who can’t. Short of a cataclysmic event which resets everything, the world is going to grow more complex. Not less.

I suppose an opposing argument can be made for persons such as Ms. Bachmann or Rick Perry who don’t do complex at all. They do emotion. This is fine I suppose but as a basis for making decisions, emotion isn’t likely to yield a satisfactory result. I don’t necessarily categorize emotion as complex. I’m more inclined to place it in the realm of the indecipherable. Bush demonstrated this for us already. We can only truly guess at what makes another feel or act the way they do. If we all acted upon how we feel each and every moment I’m afraid we’d be so damn busy burying the dead funeral directors would be running the world.


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