Skin in the Game

No time for a real post this week, so let’s just do the David Gregory thing again. He has picked his side, as we have shown before and again exposed the side he has chosen, Here he is, last Sunday, helping Senator Thune, as he ” debates” Sen McCaskill.

MR. GREGORY: But, Senator, what’s really ludicrous to the American people, even when the American people don’t always speak with one voice on this matter, is that Washington is not really dealing with what really drives the debt, that’s entitlement spending, it’s been going on this way and was a ticking time bomb since the ’60s, and Democrats–like you were saying, “Hey, you–we can’t deal with Social Security and Medicare.” Republicans say, you know, sign tax pledges, that “I’m not going to raise taxes; well, we can’t deal with revenues.” I mean this is what’s ludicrous to the American people. And even here, if we have a deal, we’re going to solve a political problem but not the underlying fiscal problem, which is what creates our debt, Senator, no?

Even were he right—that “entitlement spending” meaning, I guess given the reference to the “ticking time bomb since the ’60s” medicare and medicaid is the basis of our “underlying fiscal problem” or “dirves the debt”–which is actually demonstrably not so, (after all, medicaid and medicare were in existence as the surplus was built in the 1990s), is this the role of the “moderator” of Meet the Press? None of his predecessors would have done so.

He is entitled to his opinion, but if that is his role should he not be balanced by a co-moderator with an opposing point of view—maybe one slightly more fact based?

No. He should just be canned and move his garbage to FOX.


One thought on “Skin in the Game

  1. Entitlements have remained flat for two decades. The only growth in entitlements has been a function of population growth.

    The federal budget growth has been on the tax cut side, defense and the unfunded pharma thing with medicare. All of those should have been funded. The Bush administration, or more properly republicans in general didn’t want to levy a penny in tax for any of it. So far, Iraq and Afghanistan have cost $3.5 trillion. The result is a huge deficit. Repubs and their lackeys always point to entitlements. It’s their favorite lie.

    Repubs want a free lunch. Just like always.

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